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Donne del Grano Maestri

Italian Pasta

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This uniquely shaped pasta is shaped like a corkscrew. Cavatappi is a macaroni curved in an s-shape tube. It has been bestowed with many names including cellentani, spirali, tortiglione, or serpentini. Vernacular names of this pasta are “scoobi doo” and “double elbows”. Typically, it has a furrowed or grooved surface making it able to hold sauces in salads and casserole dishes. Its name is technically derived from the compound terms “cava tappi” which means “tap extractor” or simply corkscrew.
Price: $2.49

Fettuccine (fettuccini) is a flat cut pasta which very much resembles small ribbons. Its name is apparently derived from the Italian translation of “little ribbons”, hence the name. It goes similar with tagliatelle and other types of ribbon pastas. Its thick flattened strands are robust and can holds a light to medium amount of pasta sauce. They are usually used with tomato and cream-based sauces. Fettuccine pasta is popularly served with Alfredo sauce and is also very good with beef ragu (sugo d'umido).
Price: $2.49

This small-cut, thimble-like pasta is similar small manicotti. Ditali is approximately 3/8” long and its name originates from the Italian translation of “little thimbles”. It is named as such due directly to its shape. Ditalini are smaller versions of this well-admired pasta cut. They are often used as substitutes for elbow macaronis and tubetti pasta. Its tube-like hollows without a bend are great containers for chunky and thick sauces. Ditali pasta is ideally incorporated in stews, soups, and a wide range of pasta dishes.
Price: $2.49

Pepe is a special and a uniquely-shaped pasta which resembles tiny round beads. Its name is an Italian equivalent for “peppercorns”, as its form suggests. Occasionally this pasta is referred to as pastina which technically means “tiny dough”. Some say, though, the latter is somehow smaller than pepe. It is usually used in pasta soups and cold salads since it has an obviously light and delicate texture and flavor. A famous recipe in America which they call Frog’s eye salad features this type of pasta in whipped toppings, marshmallows, mandarin oranges, and pineapple.  Product of Italy.
Cut Ziti
Price: $2.49

Cut ziti are ziti pasta sliced into smaller tubes. Ziti is a type of pasta which is a long hollow rod that has square-cut edges. The name means a young woman about to be married or simply “fiancée”. It was said to be a customary dish served during weddings as part of Italy’s tradition. Ziti are usually 18 inch long but this one are cut short into segments for convenience before cooking. They are also called “boccoloti”, “zitoni”, and “zituane”. Product of Italy
Penne Rigate
Price: $2.49

This is a tube pasta which is cut diagonally on both ends like the end of quill pens. Penne rigate is a variant of penne pasta which has furrows or ridges on the penna’s surface. Rigate basically means “furrowed” or “ridged”, as its texture suggests. It is usually 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch long. It is usually served best with pesto or marinara. With its practically hollowed shape it can hold sauces and its rigid body adds texture to your dish.  Product of Italy.
Price: $2.49

This well-loved Italian pasta is commonly known as “bow-tie” pasta (a more commonly used term.) Farfalle derived its name from the Italian term “farfalla” which means “butterfly”. It is named as such since it technically resembles a butterfly and has a distinctive bow-tie contour. It is believed that its shape originated in Northern Italy. There are many variations of this classic Italian pasta such as plain, tomato, and spinach farfalle. This type of pasta is best used for heavy sauces such as marinara or cream-based dishes. Since it is a robust and appetizing pasta, it also complements casserole dishes and can be even used in a pasta salad.
Price: $2.49

Orzo which is Italian for “barley” is a type of pasta made from semolina flour. It is often used as a substitute for rice since it technically resembles rice grain in size and in shape. It is also called as Risone or Kritharaki. It is salty and starchy in flavor and white or yellowish in color. Orzo pasta is widely used in many countries but it is especially admired in Greece. Due to its versatility, it is commonly incorporated in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. Orzo pasta is popularly used in soups, or casserole style bakes, topped with a wide range of pasta sauces.
Maestri Capunti Pastai
Price: $4.49

Made from the finest quality durum wheat, Capunti [cah-POON-tee] is a type of pasta that has a
distinctive shape similar to that of an open pea pod. It has a short convex oval shape and is traditionally made with all-natural ingredients giving it an exquisite taste and texture suitable for a variety of sauces. Capunti pasta is vastly used throughout Italy, especially in the Molise area. This popular pasta cut perfectly complements a wide range of tasty pasta dishes served in meat sauces and rich tomato vegetable sauces.
Maestri Cavatelli Pastai
Price: $4.49

17oz. A small folded pasta shape. Product of Italy. Cavatelli [cah-vah-TELL-lee] is a type of pasta that is comparable in shape with hot dog buns.
It is also similar to another type of pasta called casarecci, though shorter in length. These are small pasta shells appear to have somewhat rolled-in rims. Its unique contour enables it to hold heavy and chunkier sauces as used in many casserole dishes. Tomato and meat-based sauces are most suitable for this type of pasta. It is often used as a substitute for rotinis, gnocchetti, and
Maestri Cuoricini Heart Shaped Pasta
Price: $4.49

17 oz. Maestri Cuoricini Heart Shaped Pasta. These are small heart shaped couricini artisan pasta come in 5 colors. Cuoricini, in Italian, means “hearts”. This fun and uniquely-shaped pasta are all naturally flavored to bring out exceptional flavors along with its fun design. They are seasoned with artichokes, spinach, sepia, and tomato and are drawn on teflon plates. This heart-shaped pasta doesn’t require much dressing or sophisticated sauces. A simple sauce is much better with this pasta, since the unique beautiful shape will give you a wonderful presentation. Makes the perfect Valentines Day meal or gift! This beautiful heart shaped pasta is a gourmet product imported from Italy.
Maestri Foglie Di Carciofo Pastai
Price: $4.49

17oz. Artichoke leaf pasta shapes, primarily served in salads and casseroles. Product of Italy. Another exquisite import from Maestri Pastai has evoked a strong sense of Italian culture in America. Foglie Di Carciofo, which is the Italian translation of artichoke leaves, is both unique and aesthetically beautiful. This bright green pasta is shaped like artichoke leaves and has an exquisite flavor despite its simplicity. It goes well with simple meatless sauces or served with herbs and spices on salad dressings. You do not want a thick sauce, since it will overpower the delicate texture of this pasta. Thyme or sage, with a little EVOO, is perfect for a healthy dish with this Foglie pasta.
Maestri Fusilli 5 Color Pastai
Price: $4.49

17oz. Fusilli 5 Color Pastai. Some often call this pasta as spiral. It is basically helix in shape which is also wide. Fusilli is also recognized as and called corkscrew pasta. This pasta cut is considered one of the most popular of the odd-shaped pastas. It was believed that its name came from the Italian term “fusile” which is an archaic equivalent for “rifle” and is also spiral-grooved barrel in shape. Fusilli may be hollow or in solid form. Fusilli bucati are what they call those with the hollow centers. This pasta usually is mistaken as rotini which also has a twisted form, only shorter. Fusilli varieties include those flavored with beetroot, spinach and cuttlefish. Product of Italy
Maestri Orecchiette Pastai
Price: $4.49

17oz. Maestri Pastai’s Puglian pasta is known for its ear-like shape, hence the name orecchiette or orecchietta. It is sometimes referred to as “recchietedd” and “chiancaredd”. It is domed in the center with a rough surface compared to its edges. This type of pasta was said to have originated in Provence, France where a pasta like this was made during ancient times. Consequently, the French dynasty then brought orecchiette into most of Italy’s best dishes. A typical orecchiette recipe includes vegetables like cime di rapa or rapini/broccoli raab. Product of Italy
Maestri Caserecci Lisce Pastai
Price: $4.49

17oz. Maestri Caserecci Lisce Pastai also called caserecce, casarecci is a traditional scroll-shaped pasta which originated in Southern Italy. Its name Casarecci means “homemade”. It has an s-shape body which makes it perfect for grabbing thick, chunky and meaty sauces. Casarecci lisce is a smooth-surfaced pasta as determined by the adjective lisce which is usually used to pertain smooth pastas. Casarecci pasta is ¾ inch in width and about 1 ½ inch in length which is slackly rolled up. This type of pasta is best served with chunky sauces such as eggplant and swordfish sauces. Product of Italy
Maestri Pennoni Pastai
Price: $4.49

17oz. Pennoni is a larger version of one of the most popular and recognized pasta cuts, penne. Its name actually describes its shape which resembles a “large quill” or a large pen. This sister pasta of penne originated in Veneto, Italy. This has been one of the favorites among “pasta al forno” or “oven made” pastas. Practically used as a “special occasion pasta”, it goes great with an array of many gourmet pasta dishes. Its hollowed shape is great for a thicker and chunkier sauce. Most loved recipes usually include pennoni with Bolonnaise (thick meat) sauce, parmesan cheese, béchameland many other sauces.  Product of Italy
Maestri Pennoni Rigati Pastai
Price: $4.49

Pennoni rigate is a thick-cut, bold type of pasta. From the root “pen”, it was given such name since it is shaped like that of a quill pen with diagonally-cut ends. These huge cuts of tube-shaped pasta are great for meaty and chunky sauces in most casserole dishes because of its ridges and furrows along the surface. It also works well on baked dishes with fresh ricotta cheese. Its popular shape has been a common staple in pasta dishes for many Italians. Product of Italy
Maestri Strozzapretti Pastai
Price: $4.49

This uniquely shaped pasta cut has an equally unique name originating from the Italian translation “priest choker or strangler”. Strozzapreti [stroh-tzuh-PRAY-tee] is similar in form with cavatelli or other hand-rolled type pastas. The look of Strozzapreti resembles a hand rolled towel. It is an elongated version of cavatelli. Strozzapreti are rolled in chunky flat pieces and are then cut into small strips. This pasta is known for its varied shape and size, unlike macaroni or spaghetti. You can find a number of varieties of this pasta from different areas in Tuscany, Romagna, or Emilia. Product of Italy
Maestri Trofie Pastai
Price: $4.49

Trofie pasta is a specialty of Liguria. They are twisted on a flat surface and have a squiggly shape with narrowed ends. Trofie-shaped pasta looks like pieces of rolled pasta using both hands or a thin stick. Trofile is usually served with pesto. It is also good for other types of sauces such as tomato and meat-based sauces. Referred as troffiette, this pasta can be used, as a substitute for strozzapretti pasta. Product of Italy
Maestri Gemelli Pastai
Price: $4.49

17oz. Maestri Gemelli Pastai. This fun and unique pasta shape looks like short rods twisted together in a spiral form. It resembles a twisted single s-shaped pasta strand. Gemelli [jay-MEL-lee] pasta is an Italian term for “twins”, as the pasta shape suggests. It also resembles a corkscrew coiled together. This versitile pasta can be used for any type of sauce, from light sauces in a pasta salad, to a thick casserole. They are also known as “unicorn horns”. Product of Italy
Maestri O' Sole Mio Pastai
Price: $4.49

This uniquely shaped novelty pasta cut appears to be a pasta formed resembling the sun, hence the name O’ Sole Mio which means “my sun” in the Italian Neapolitan dialect. Made from the finest durum wheat, this dried pasta can be used in customary yet simple recipes. This pasta cut is better served with lighter sauces.  This is a dish for true pasta lovers, because the pasta - to - sauce ratio is more on the pasta side. Butter and herb based sauces also work very well.
Maestri Lumaconi Pastai
Price: $4.49

Lumaconi is a type of pasta which looks like giant snails. It is actually a bigger version of the
commonly known pasta shape, Lumache, which is the Italian term for “snail”. This pasta
shape is versatile and can be incorporated in almost every type of dish, simple, or complicated. Other names given to this pasta include “pipe rigate,” or “conchiglie pasta.” Its bulky form makes it great for chunky sauces and since it is also hollow, it can hold subtle and light sauces, as well. Product of Italy
Maestri Radiatori 3 Color Pastai
Price: $4.49

Radiatori pasta looks like an old-fashioned steam radiator, as the name implies. They are generally small and closely resemble rotini. This unique and rare pasta shape has grooved protrusions and is cut into short chunks. Even when cooked, its curled-up form maintains its integrity, which is good for holding thick and chunky sauces. This radiatori pasta comes in 3 colors: red, white, and green. This type of pasta is typically used in many casserole dishes since it traps heavier sauces just like the rotelle and fusilli pasta. Product of Italy
Maestri Penne Candele Pastai
Price: $4.49

Maestri Penne Candele Pastai is a traditional pasta found mostly in Southern Italy, around the Neapolitan areas. Penne candele [con-DAY-lay] are technically like candles in shape, only with a very long hollow tube which is 12 mm in diameter. They are basically the same length with candles and are usually stuffed with additional ingredients in its center. Since it is quite dramatically a long, elongated pasta, it can be broken into pieces before cooking. Candele pasta works well in baked casserole dishes with vegetable sauce, or even with a simple dressings. Product of Italy.
Maestri Penne 5 Color Pastai
Price: $4.49

Maestri Pastai’s penne pasta is the best of its long pastas. Penne is a cylinder-shaped pasta which closely resembles a “quill pen”. It is a diagonally cut with sharp ends which may come as a penne lisce or penne rigate. Penne pasta comes in 5 colors and is a fun addition to a wide array of cuisines. With savory pesto and marinara, this colored pasta can hold rich sauces and gives a yummy texture to your dishes. Aside from its popular use in most dishes, it is a very versatile pasta shape because of its practical design.  Product of Italy