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Capricious "Capricci" White Pasta
Capricious "Capricci" White Pasta

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Capricious White Pasta

White Pasta

17.8 oz. Capricious or “Capricci” White Pasta has a truly very interesting appearance because it resembles the look of a tiny curl. Its fascinating and uncommon shape makes it even more attractive, perhaps most especially to kids so it can be a perfect treat for them.

Hand made in Italy that uses a 100 year old tradition, Capricious Pasta is definitely made with an infinite care that is why during its cooking process, it is able to hold its shape and color. The method used for this type of pasta enables it to have a rough texture that makes it ideal to hold any type of sauce evenly.

Capricious White Pasta can be cooked between 7 and 12 minutes and can be served hot with your favorite sauce or cold as a nice pasta salad. The kind of dishes that can be made with Capricious White Pasta is certainly a treat on any family’s table.

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