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Mexican Hats "Sombreroni" Colored Pasta
Mexican Hats "Sombreroni" Colored Pasta

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Mexican Hats Colored Pasta

Colored Pasta

Mexican Hat Pasta are also known as Sombreroni pasta. This artisanal pasta definitely has a shape that is one of a kind and it is certainly enticing to both the young and the old. It is made with durum wheat and uses natural components like spinach for its green color; for the red color, hot pepper is used; and for black pasta, squid ink is used.

This pasta is handmade in Italy and comes from a long generation of pasta makers that dates from as far back as 100 years. You can tell the difference in the quality of the pasta when it is able to maintain its original shape and color during its cooking process, and Mexican Hats Colored Pasta is definitely that.

The uniqueness of its shape is not only limited to its cute appearance but rather it also has a versatile appeal as it can be used with a hot sauce for a pasta dish and it can also be used with a cold dressing if you prefer to use it as a salad.

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