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 Italian Panettone



Thank you for your interest in purchasing Italian Panettone from online! Please visit our extensive Panettone selection.  We at have several types of panettone. Ranging from less expensive traditional panettone, less resembling a desert, but more of an Italian served with coffee, port wine, or limoncello.  An example of this kind of panettone is La Florentine Panettone.  This particular brand (la florentine panettone) is one that is made and imported throughout the year.  We also bring in Gift-Wrapped Panettone imported from Italy every year for the holiday season.  These panettones are more of a boutique, specialty panettone.  Flamigni Panettone is our personal favorite at


Panettone with Chocolate Drops       La Florentine Panettone        Orange and Chocolate Panettone

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Common misspellings for Panettone include:  panetone, pannetone, pannettone