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Italian Torrone

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torrone candy
La Florentine Torrone Candy

1 carton of 18 individually wrapped pieces, this is the torrone candy that you remember as a child! It is 3 separate flavors (Vanilla, Orange & Lemon) individually wrapped, with the different Italian characters on each box. One of our best selling items, and deemed as a traditional treat enjoyed by many during holiday season, this special delight is a confection made from the finest ingredients, in Italy. From a world-renowned brand, La Florentine Torrone Candy brags its various flavors that include orange, lemon and vanilla. The tasty nougat candy made from the freshet almonds, sugar, honey and many other premium ingredients is individually wrapped in thin wafer sheets. Torrone has come a long way as traced in its origin and history. Product of Italy
Ferrara Hard Torrone Block

12 oz. Ferrara Hard Torrone Block. This confection is most closely related to traditional Italian hard torrone. From one of the country’s best Italian importers, Ferrara Hard Torrone is beautifully molded and packaged in a  block shape. This sweet torrone is hard and crumbly and is particularly filled with almonds. Torrone is a great treat, which has gained tremendous popularity in the many regions of Italy. It has been a traditional delight commonly eaten during the holiday seasons, though has gained popularity as a confection to be enjoyed year round.
La Florentine Chocolate Covered Torrone Bar

5.28 oz. La Florentine Chocolate Covered Torrone Bar (with hazelnuts.) La Florentine’s enthralling and widely popular torrone bar is wrapped neatly in a red foil embracing a rich bar of hazelnut-filled chocolate nougat. La Florentine Chocolate Covered Torrone Bar is a lush delight covered with tasty dark chocolate. It is one of this famous brand’s pride products that continue to satisfy the confection-admirers. This traditional Italian holiday treat is not just limited for holidays only. It is available year-round and is a good buy a great value.
La Florentine Caffe Torrone Bar

5.28 oz. La Florentine Cafe Torrone Bar. From the widely recognized brand of exceptional torrone candies, this superbly flavored nougat is a must-have. A special product from Italy, La Florentine Caffe Torrone Bar is a sweet confection with the slightest touch of coffee. For coffee aficionados, this torrone bar is pure love. It is a soft nougat candy wrapped in a convenient foil ready for consumption at home or on the go. It can be availed anytime of the year and is well-admired for its lush and all-natural flavor.
La Florentine Almond Bar

5.25 oz. Candied Almond bar from La Florentine. This tasty Almond bar from La Florentine is deliciously made from the finest almonds and honey available. This nutty delight is actually gluten free and made from the finest ingredients ensuring premium quality among La Florentine’s many loved Italian products. From the traditional style of cooking, this honey-filled almond bar is guaranteed to taste supreme when compared to the competition. Considered as one of the prides of the first-class distributor of Italian sweets, this candied almond bar is an absolute and authentic Italian delight.
La Florentine Pistachio Torrone Bar

5.28 oz La Florentine Pistachio Torrone Bar. A heavenly delight of fresh almonds and pistachio nuts are present in La Florentine Pistachio Torrone Bar. One of Italy’s oldest traditional holiday treats, it is garnished with these tasty nuts embracing a sweet coating of honey. Packaged in an attractive green foil, this torrone nougat candy is one of La Florentine’s arrays of scrumptious sweets flavored with various tasty fillings and fruits. Wrapped in a soft bar, it is a very good value for the quality making it ideal to give as a gift. In a convenient size imported from Italy.
La Florentine Almond Torrone Bar

An iconic traditional treat of Italy, La Florentine almond torrone bar is packed with soft and nutty torrone. With subtle hints of almond nuts and other sweeteners, La Florentine Almond Torrone Bar is deemed as the most popular, and most recognizable, torrone nougat candy among its kind. This special product in Italy and the United states can be enjoyed anytime of the year. A premium Italian confection is graced in this Almond filled torrone bar. Not just perfect as a Christmas or Easter holiday treat, this delight is an ideal gift all year round.  Product of Italy
Ferrara Chocolate Covered Torrone Wedge

4.4 oz. Chocolate covered torrone. Another wonderful torrone product from Ferrara is a sweet torrone that is dipped in lush chocolate with a hint of coffee. This wedge-shaped Italian torrone candy is loved by many sweet-toothed consumers for its all natural ingredients and amazing flavor.  Ferrara Chocolate Covered Torrone is an outstanding mix of a boosting undertone of coffee, with an intensely rich covering of dark chocolates. Perfect gift for Christmas, Easter or for any Italian inspired Holiday dinner.  It can also be enjoyed to feed the the heaviest torrone craving. This special product of Ferrara is a great choice.  Product of Italy
Ferrara Torrone Wedge

4.4 oz. Ferrara Torrone Wedge. A proud product from Ferrara, a well-known importer is celebrated for its exceptionally traditional taste. Ferrara Torrone Wedge is a rich and all-natural confectionery made from sugar and nuts. Cut and packaged in a uniform wedge shape, this sweet delight is low in fat and has no artificial colorings or preservatives. More than just a traditional Italian holiday torrone, Ferrara torrone wedge can be enjoyed throughout the year, as well.  The full-bodied traces of nuts and other special ingredients which make it exceptional are much admired by many confectionery aficionados. Product of Italy.
Pegamena Supremo Hard Torrone

300g (10.58oz) 40% Almonds. This classic Il Supremo hard torrone imported by Flamigni is an exceptional brittle nougat popular all throughout Italy. Considered as a traditional confection in the rich culture of Italy, this amazing hard torrone is crafted form the finest nuts, eggs, sugar, and honey. It is unquestionably labeled as one of the world’s best gourmet torrones, along with beautiful packaging that continues to entice nougat-lovers around the globe. Aside from the quality ingredients used, the utilization of the premium torrone production makes it first-class.
Imported torrone from Italy
Bellino Assorted Torrone Candy

18pc Bellino Assorted Torrone Candy is a fine-tasting dessert not just for the Christmas and Easter holidays, but for all seasons. This product of Italy is very popular and all-natural and with no preservatives added. Labeled as a traditional treat in Italy, these assorted nougat come in 18 heavenly pieces of delight. They are soft to bite and have a honey-filled aftertaste. Enjoy yourselves with these torrone candies in almonds, dark chocolate, and chocolate covered with almonds.
Ferrara Chocolate Torrone

6.35 oz (180 grams) 15 Pieces total. Ferrara introduces another from its famous line of Italian Torrone Candy. Individually wrapped chocolate covered torrone pieces. This wonderful torrone is an imported, specialty product from Italy.

Italian Torrone

Thank you for your interest in purchasing torrone from GourmetItalian.com. Our torrone is imported from Italy. Our christmas torrone is imported specifically for that holiday season. Other torrone such as La Florentine torrone or Bellino torrone, is produced and stocked all year. The flavors of torrone range from almond, pistachio, traditional, chocolate, cafe or coffee, hard and soft.

Torrone, otherwise known as Italian nougat, is a confection made from honey, well-whipped egg whites, vanilla, and walnuts or almonds; it's an ancient sweet that requires considerable skill and care to make well.
At a wedding celebration in Cremona, Italy in 1441, a delicious sweet made of nuts, honey and egg whites was featured. It was fashioned in the shape of the famous tower of Cremona known as "Torrione" ... hence the name Torrone.

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