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Monin Coffee Syrup

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Monin Caramel Coffee Syrup

This outstanding caramelized sugar is made by heating and melting sugar. This traditional Monin Caramel Coffee Syrup is deeply rich in color and flavor which complements other additional flavors for a sweeter, more savory taste. It is translucent amber in color, with a subtle hint of molasses and brown sugar. Its versatility is best served in coffees, teas, smoothies and cocktails. The boosting aroma of caramel is subtle in sweetness and can also be paired with dairy products. Its caramel flavor is an ideal alternative for sugar.  Product of Italy.
Monin Rasberry Coffee Syrup

Monin gourmet syrup is deliciously flavored with organic raspberries and other spices giving your coffee and other refreshments a fruitful boosting flavor. Made from subtle and freshly picked raspberries, this special flavored coffee syrup of Monin brags its sweet to tart flavor. It works well on teas, lemonades, smoothies, sodas, and many other rejuvenating beverages. It is versatile enough to be drizzled on pancakes, waffles and even on ice creams. It can be utilized on almost anything, limited only by your imagination.  Product of Italy.
Monin Vanilla Coffee Syrup

Made from the best vanilla extracts, Monin syrup boasts its all natural and no-artificial-flavorings label. This very concentrated vanilla syrup is flavored with organic vanilla spice. Monin is famed for using first-class vanilla extract imported from Madagascar. Its premium taste is a wonderful addition to your favorite drinks and recipes. Its vanilla aroma and subtle custard-like flavor enhance your coffee drinks, teas, and lemonades. It also complements many Italian sodas and bar drinks. When thinking of a refreshing smoothie or granita, Monin vanilla syrup is the best to use. Product of Italy
Monin Amaretto Coffee Syrup

This aromatic syrup is among some of the most popular flavored syrups.  Known for its bitter sweet taste, Monin Amaretto syrup comes from the pits of apricots. Amaretto means “bitter” in Italian. It is popular for its highly concentrated flavor which is deemed all-natural, with no preservatives added. It has an ideally perfect blend of slightly sweet and slightly bitter. It complements your favorite lattes, cocktail drinks, and coffee beverages. Even when used on sodas and cold drinks like smoothies and shakes, Monin Amaretto coffee syrup is an absolute enhancement.  Product of Italy.