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Cut Sport Peppers

16 oz. Marconi cut sport peppers are an authentic Italian style pepper. Cured in oil and with additional spices and seasonings, this is a great way to enjoy your dishes with a fiery twist. This amazing product from Marconi is originally from Chicago-style hot dog peppers. Cut Sport Peppers are great in salads, and can be also used as toppings on pizzas or burgers.
Hot Giardiniera

16 oz. For many years, this has been a favorite of the Chicago Hot Giardiniera family.  Giardiniera is generically know as an Italian dish made up of pickled vegetables in vinegar and oil used primarily as a condiment.  This very spicy topping can be used as a spicy relish for hotdogs and hamburgers, a pizza topping, or as an antipasti topping.
Hot Pepper Salad
Hot Pepper Salad

16 oz. Hot pepper salad is an Italian style hot relish packaged by Marconiís.  This condiment is originally a very popular item used in Chicago. It is a perfect blend of premium quality peppers cut and cured in oil. It is a good condiment that can enhance the flavor of your recipes with a blazing hot twist. This are a great addition to salad dressings adding a pungent flavor and robust taste to any dishes.
Mild Giardiniera
Mild Giardiniera

16 oz Mild Giardiniera. Bring together a mix of delicious peppers and vegetables and you will have Marconi mild Giardiniera. This appetizing relish is famous in most Italian dishes and is more delicate compared to traditional style giardiniera [JAR - DIH - NAIR Ė AH] or the hot version. This tasty condiment is soaked in brine and gives off terrifically bursting flavors perfect for Italian beefs, pizzas, chips, and many other scrumptious dishes such as soups, pastas and even on marinades or sauces. This pickled mix is perfect for antipasto, and is also great on salads.
Eggplant Salad
Eggplant Salad

16 oz Eggplant Salad. This condiment is deemed as one of the old world authentic Italian condiments. Marconiís Sicilian style eggplant salad is a wonderful substitute of tomatoes in bruschetta. The added tasty kick is a traditional component to a variety of Italian dishes. Its tremendously bursting flavor adds character to simple recipes such as pastas, salads, crackers, and even breads or sandwiches. This delectable mix of eggplant antipasto with pepper, onions, and garlic is truly a classic Italian relish.
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