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Jordan Almonds

Jordanian Almond Confetti

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Fine Almonds White
Price: $29.95

Approximately 450 almonds per box. These gourmet fine Jordan almonds are made from premium quality ingredients. Recognized as a traditional wedding staple, these Fine Almonds are coated in white sugary candy coating. This amazingly tasty confetti is perfect for other occasions too. Aside from a symbolic bitter-sweet treat during weddings, these are also great for christenings, anniversaries, graduations, and even take-home favors for any large event. These crisp white almonds are the best traditional Jordan wedding almonds.
Fine Almonds Assorted Colors
Price: $29.95

Approximately 450 almonds per box. These multi-colored sweets are classic candy-coated almonds perfect for weddings and other, special occasions. A tasty almond is cupped inside a fine coating of candy which is presented in various colors. Known also as Confetti, in Italian terms, these delectable treats are made from the finest ingredients to ever produce the best, high quality, Jordan almonds. Fine Almonds in Assorted pastel Colors, are mainly found in traditional Italian weddings, since they are traditionally known to represent the bitter-sweet life ahead, for the newlyweds. These are a wonderful set of candied keepsakes for wedding guests.
Super Fine Almonds Assorted Colors
Price: $42.95

approximately 625 almonds, This 5 lb box of pastel-colored delights is a popular Italian wedding favor. It is a popular candy in Italian tradition with a rich history. Labeled as a traditional keepsake during special occasions, these superfine Italian Jordan almonds are embraced in a thin shell of candy coating. The bitter almonds at the center are wrapped in a sweet sugar coating to represent the bittersweet reality of a married life. This box of delight comes with approximately 625 small pieces of super fine Jordan almonds which are perfect for all occasions.
Super Fine Almonds White
Price: $42.95

approximately 625, These super fine almonds white are a magnificent selections of almond coated with a super thin shell of sugar coating. Jordan almonds are a popular item, especially during weddings and other large gatherings. They are great keepsakes and have been an essential part of Italian culture for centuries. You can enjoy 625 pieces of these almonds packed in one 5 lb box. These delights which are also collectively known as Confetti have the freshest quality of roasted almonds and the finest sugar coating.

Jordan Almonds

..or known as "Confetti" in Italian, are whole almonds wrapped in a sugar syrup shell. They are the traditional symbol for all family celebrations. In Italy there is no birth, marriage, graduation or festivity during which the participants do not distribute sacks of confetti to family and friends. The color of the confetti identifies the reason for the celebration: white for marriages and communions, pink or blue according to the sex of the new born, red for graduations, silver for 25th wedding anniversary. The production of Jordan Almonds/Confetti, is traditionally concentrated in Abruzzo and Campania, Italy. The various factories compete to create the most imaginative artistic compositions for jordanian almond confetti